Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a popular trip taken by young aristocrats which was highly popularized in the seventh and eighteen century. The purpose of this trip was to broaden their understanding of the arts, architecture, and culture, through an immersive experience. These travels were documented by various mean, and these experiences were brought back to these travelers’ home cities.

St Augustine, Florida

Walking Great Streets

Today, we can follow in the footsteps of these travelers, and become exposed to the art and culture of antiquity. We can visit Venice, Florence, and Rome, along the Apennine Peninsula. This is an important experience that has inspired generations who exported this knowledge across the globe.

American Architectural students travel to Europe in these footsteps to study the great European classics. This is an important experience, but is not the only place where we can learn about architecture and urbanism. There are similar opportunities closer to home that we can learn from places that inspired american independence and westward expansion.

Charleston, South Carolina

Civic Architecture

America offers great urbanism that has been forged by the experimental and exploratory passion of the American Spirit. These places emulate the classical cities of Europe, and have adapted to the unique climate and culture found in the Americas. American is full of cities that follow traditional town planning principles composed of buildings unique in character and style.

American Urbanism is the study through the experience of visiting great American Cities. American Urbanism is the Grand Tour through the Americas. Exploring, learning from, and documenting, the great American Cities.